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element_classes.pl contains configuration to assign classes to HTML elements generated by EPrints on eprint summary pages and templates. This can help make it easier to integrate EPrints page layout with the institutional branding of your repository. Where changing or adding the EPrints class to your branding would breaks its layout. By being able to use your own class names in certain EPrint HTML elements, should help prevent you breaking your existing branding.


$c->{eprint}->{summary_content_class} = {
  ROOT => 'ep_summary_content',
  top => 'ep_summary_content_top',
  left => 'ep_summary_content_left',
  main => 'ep_summary_content_main',
  right => 'ep_summary_content_right',
  bottom =>'ep_summary_content_bottom',
  after => 'ep_summary_content_after'

$c->{item_list_class} = undef;
$c->{toolbar_class} = "ep_tm_key_tools";