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Supported EPrints Versions 3.2

Project Started 2009

Project Webpage http://edshare.org.uk

Created By ECS, University of Southampton

  • Recipies
    • EdShare Reference Installation


The EdShare Reference Installation is the standard installation for EdShare and includes all of the functionality that is covered by the EdShare suite.

It is important to note that the EdShare Reference Installation assumes that you have a clean installation of EPrints 3.1.3.


Once you have completed this recipie you will have a repository that has the following functionality;

  • A simplified workflow removing features that are not required in the context of a teaching and learning resources repository
  • Ability to create collections of resources
  • Users can bookmark resources and collections
  • There will be previews of documents on abstract pages



The following conventions apply in this recipie;

  • EPRINTS_ROOT - This is where you installed eprints. Usually this is /usr/share/eprints3 on Debian/Ubuntu or /opt/eprints3 following a source code install. Obviously change this if you installed EPrints elsewhere.
  • ARCHIVEID - This is the id of the archive you set up that you want to carry out this recipie on.

Getting Started


You will need to have installed EPrints 3.2 before continuing. See the following pages for reference on how to do this;

Create a new repository with an ARCHIVEID of your choice.


Download the EdShare bundle for EPrints 3.2 from http://files.eprints.org

Untar the file

tar xvfz edshare_3-2.tgz

The edshare_3-2 directory contains a trunk directory and a default directory. Copy the contents of the trunk directory into your EPRINTS_ROOT

cp -r trunk/* EPRINTS_ROOT

Next copy the contents of the trunk directory into your archive directory

cp -r default/* EPRINTS_ROOT/archives/ARCHIVEID/

Now update the database structure

EPRINTS_ROOT/bin/epadmin update_database_structure ARCHIVEID

To complete the install restart your webserver using your prefered method.

If you have any difficulties with the above process or have any suggestions for improvements of EdShare please contact mcsweeney.patrick@gmail.com

EdShare on EPrints 3.3

The EdShare for EPrints 3.2 package is known not to work on EPrints 3.3. For this we are sorry.

It is the OneShare team's ambition to make a version of EdShare for EPrints 3.3 but as yet we haven't had time to do it. The intention is that EdShare will become a set of EPrints Bazaar plugins. Which should make it easier to maintain and upgrade.

If you want to encourage us please send enthusiastic emails to mcsweeney.patrick@gmail.com. Thank you for your patience.