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'''For installation instructions head to [[EdShareCollectionsInstallation]].'''
'''For installation instructions head to [[EdShareCollectionsInstallation]].'''
==Current Version==
The latest version of EdShareCollections is 1.0.2 and can be found at the download site.

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Supported EPrints Versions 3.2

Project Started 2009

Project Webpage http://edshare.org.uk

Created By ECS, University of Southampton


The collections plugin is part of EdShare suite. It is based on code developed in EdShare and LanguageBox. The goal of this project is to produce a package that allows the easy installation of the collections functionality on a vanilla EPrints installation.

For installation instructions head to EdShareCollectionsInstallation.

Current Version

The latest version of EdShareCollections is 1.0.2 and can be found at the download site.


The plugin is available for download from http://files.eprints.org.


The original collections code was developed by Sebastien Francois and Patrick McSweeny. The EdShare package was created by Marcus Ramsden based upon the original collections code by Sebastien and Patrick.


EdShare Collections, University of Southampton ©2009

This plugin is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. Details of this license can be found here.



  • Allows a user to remix a number of resources into a new resource.

Collection Workflow

  • A new workflow has been introduced with this plugin.
  • This workflow integrates seamlessly into your installation of EPrints adding an additional button to the Manage Items screen for the user. It also adds an appropriate editor screen. The workflow does not interfere with the original EPrint workflow.

Collection Abstract View

  • A different abstract view is rendered for collections. The collection workflow is modified in a similar way to eprint abstracts.


  • Allows a user to create bookmarks of resources that are currently stored within your repository.