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==Old Stuff==
==Old Stuff==
'''For installation instructions head to [[EdShareCollectionsInstallation]].'''
'''For EPrints 3.2 installation instructions head to [[EdShareCollectionsInstallation]].'''
Note the eprints 3.2 package ships with [[Bookmarks]] included. [[Bookmarks]] have been rewritten for EPrints 3.3 and are available as a seperate bazaar package with [[Bookmarks|seperate documented]].
* Allows a user to create bookmarks of resources that are currently stored within your repository.

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Edshare logo.png

Supported EPrints Versions 3.2

Project Started 2009

Project Webpage http://edshare.org.uk

Created By ECS, University of Southampton


Collections allow users to group and arbitary set of eprints together. They have their own workflow and workflow component for selecting EPrints to add to the collection. They appear in search results in browse views and go through the normal inbox->buffer->archive->retire life cycle. They can also be configured to have custom abstract pages.

The collections plugin is part of EdShare suite. It is based on code developed in EdShare and LanguageBox. The goal of this project is to produce a package that allows the easy installation of the collections functionality on a vanilla EPrints installation.


You can install Collections onto 3.3 series EPrints repository using the EPrints Bazaar. It should be listed in Admin > EPrints Bazaar > Available.


The original collections code was developed by Sebastien Francois and Patrick McSweeney. Updates and the 3.1.3 version of the package have been made by Marcus Ramsden based upon the original collections code. Collections were packaged for the bazaar by Patrick McSweeney

The Source

The current definitive source can be found on GitHub at https://github.com/patrickmcsweeney/Collections


EdShare Collections, University of Southampton ©2009

This plugin is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. Details of this license can be found here.

Post installation configuration

At the time of writing (May 2013) collections render in the same way as any other item in the repository but they have been written to have this behaviour overwritten.

x_collections.pl you can see the following two lines

#overwrite collection_render in order to make a custom render method for collections
$c->{collection_render} = $c->{eprint_render};

this can be replaced with:

$c->{collection_render} = sub {
  my( $eprint, $session, $preview ) = @_;

  #special rendering for collections goes here

  return( $page, $title, $links ); # these three are dom fragments (same as eprint_render)

For some idea of what you might want to do here you might use to take inspiration from eprint_render.pl - code here: [1]

Old Stuff

For EPrints 3.2 installation instructions head to EdShareCollectionsInstallation.

Note the eprints 3.2 package ships with Bookmarks included. Bookmarks have been rewritten for EPrints 3.3 and are available as a seperate bazaar package with seperate documented.