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John Salter and John Beaman, University of Leeds


  • Hello: we're John Salter and John Beaman from the University of Leeds.
  • We've spent some time trying to write an Access Control system for EPrints. It's been a horror.
  • One of our use-cases is for Research Data, but it could be used on other repository types.

Out of the box User Access Control

  • EPrints (you all know what this is, right..?) has basic control at the document level - the 'security' field:
    • public (Open Access)
    • validuser (anyone who's got an account on that EPrints instance)
    • staffonly (Repository editors/admins)
  • This doesn't cover the requirements for some repositories...


  • Control access to EPrints, Documents
  • Control access based on:
    • User attributes e.g. signed-in via Shibboleth
    • Location e.g. on-campus
  • Simple interface to assign restrictions

EPACL: EPrints Access Control Layer

  • Doesn't overwrite any existing 'security' specified on documents.

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