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This page is intended to tie together training videos and other resources into a set of comprehensive training courses for EPrints.  It is intended to serve as an introduction to EPrints for users, administrators and systems administrators involved with running an EPrints Repository.
= EPrints Introduction and Overview =
* EPrints Key Features Tour
= Course Streams =
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== Using EPrints ==
=== ...as a User ===
* [[Training_Video:Deposit_Workflow|Depositing an EPrint]]
* Importing EPrints
* Saved Searches and Notifications
* Exporting EPrints
* Managing Your User Profile
=== ...as an Editor ===
* The Editorial Buffer
* The Staff Search
=== ...as an Administrator ===
* Managing Users
* Basic Troubleshooting
* Batch Editing
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== Configuring EPrints ==
=== Basic Configuration ===
Basic configuration can be done at the front-end, and requires no knowledge of perl or the EPrints API.
* Configuration Tools Overview
* Branding
* Item Types and Metadata Configuration
* The Workflow
* Citation Styles
* Browse Views
* Searches
* Installing Bazaar Packages
=== Advanced Configuration ===
Advanced configuration assumes some knowledge of the command-line and sometimes a little bit of Perl.
* Understanding Configuration Structure
* Default and Automatic Values
* Custom Rendering of Values
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== Maintaining and Developing EPrints ==
=== Systems Administration ===
* Installing EPrints
* Troubleshooting
=== The EPrints API ===
* API Basics
** The Repository Object
** Datasets and Dataobjs
** XML and DOM
* Advanced Configuration
* Developing Plugins and Bazaar Packages

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