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The EPrints3 Live CD is designed to help you experience EPrints without the need for a machine to run it on. The CD comes complete with a fully installed EPrints3 distribution which also has our own training archive already set up. From the environment the CD provides you can harness the full power of EPrints3 to setup your own archives for testing and also have an easy way to test new EPrints functionality without putting your active archive at risk.

For new repository maintainers the Live CD can also be one click installed permentantly onto your hard drive. This will enable you to preserv changes to your archives between reboots.

The Live CD really does provide the all in one solution for experiencing EPrints repository management software.

The CD is currently only available for the x86 (32-bit) platforms and is based upon the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Development News

The live CD is based upon the Ubuntu Linux Live CD with Open Office removed to make available the space to install EPrints + all its dependancies whilst still remaining small enough to fit on a single CD.

  • Coming Soon*

Store your archive on a memory stick and preserv the contents of your archive between boots of the Live CD.

Using the LIVE CD (Start Here)

  • Download the image (Documentation#Download) and burn it to a cd using your favorite cd writing application. (Make cup of tea)
  • Boot PC from the CD (Drink cup of tea)
  • To prepare EPrints to run from the Live CD open a terminal (available from Applications->Accessories) and type the following:
 sudo setup_eprints_live
  • Open firefox or similar browser and navigate to http://training.eprints.org (which is linked to your local machine, no net connection required)

To Install From the Live CD

DO NOT RUN the setup_eprints_live application during this process.

  • From a clean boot into the Live CD click the install icon.
  • Once installed and running from your hard drive execute the following from within a terminal:
 sudo touch /etc/apache2/httpd.conf
 sudo apache2ctl stop
 sudo apache2crl start
  • To enable the training archive:
 sudo echo " training.eprints.org training" >> /etc/hosts.conf


If you find any problems with the CD please contact myself (David Tarrant) dct05r[at]ecs.soton.ac.uk.

Any problems with the EPrints software should be refered to the EPrints development team.