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Since EPrints 3.4 flavours have been introduced into EPrints. Flavours provide customisation for different types of EPrints. The following three flavours are currently available:

  1. Publications - This is the original EPrints for research publications. Its flavours sub-directory is pub_lib, which comes as part of the core codebase but is provided separately on files.eprints.org.
  2. Research Data - This provides specific customisations for research data. Its flavours sub-directory is data_lib.
  3. Open Education - This provides specific customisations for open education, previously known as EdShare. Its flavours sub-directory is edu_lib.

Installing a Flavour

If you install EPrints from files.eprints.org instead of before when you could just download a single tarball, you will need to:

  1. Download the EPrints Zero tarball which is a base version of EPrints without any specializations for publications, like was the case for EPrints 3.3 and earlier.
  2. Unpack the EPrints Zero tarball to /opt/eprints3
  3. Download the flavour you want, such as the publication flavour tarball and unpack it into /opt/eprints3/flavours/.

After you have finished installing EPrints as a flavour, you may also want to add Ingredients. Ingredients are often similar to Bazaar plugins and intend to replace some of the more complex Bazaar plugins, which are not really suited to a one-click installation as they need extensive configuration and/or non-EPrints dependencies.