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This page contains information about the provisional EPrints v3.4.4 tag and release on GitHub. A date for this release is planned for the end of June 2022.

Provisional Release Notes

  • Zero codename: Lemon Trifle Bora
  • Publications flavour codename: Amaretti Biscuit Haboob

New Dependencies

For future facilitation of interchangeable JavaScript libraries, Prototype JavaScript currently used by EPrints has been moved to become an ingredient. Therefore, for those upgrading their repository the following line needs to be added to your flavour's inc file (e.g. /opt/eprints3/flavours/pub_lib/inc):


Check earlier dependencies for EPrints 3.4.3 and before.

Changes Since 3.4.3

New Functionality

Security and Privacy Improvements

General Improvements

Bug Fixes