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This page contains information about the provisional EPrints v3.4.1 tag and release on GitHub scheduled for the end of June 2020.

Provisional Release Notes

New Dependencies

None. However, see new dependencies for EPrints 3.4.1 if you are upgrading from 3.4.0 or earlier.

Changes Since 3.4.1

New functionality

  • Capability for enabling caching of citations to improve page load times, particularly browse views.

Security Improvements

  • Prevention of offsite redirects after login.
  • Logout all sessions on password change.
  • Rate limit number of password reset emails that can be sent.

General Improvements

  • Allows subject line of RequestCopy emails to be customised by the user (in case item being requested has no title set).
  • Better parsing of BibTeX for import.
  • Better error and warning colours for command lines tools.
  • Better formatting of person name strings.
  • Allow server-wide specification of EPrints flavour (rather than just archive level).

Bug fixes

  • Fixes typo effecting position of Review page's move to archive button.
  • Fixes error that broke JavaScript for expanding dl tree elements.
  • Fixes broken epm command line tool.
  • Fixes bug with feeds for latest_tool page
  • Fixes bug causing update_triples event queue tasks to fail.
  • Fixes bug with 404 error when attempting to access RequestCopy page.
  • Fixes some general encoding issue in export plugins.

  • Fix command line Bazaar tools.
  • Sanitize filenames for uploads.
  • Provide caching of DataObj citations to speed up loading of uncached browse views and reduce server load
  • Tools to fix and protection against generation of invalid XML revision files.
  • Further security improvements.