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This page contains information about the provisional EPrints v3.4.2 tag and release on GitHub scheduled for the end of June 2020.

A release candidate for EPrints 3.4.2 can be found on GitHub.

Provisional Release Notes

New Dependencies

Dependencies can be installed as RPMs (yum install PACKAGE), DEBs (apt-get install PACKAGE) or CPAN (cpan MODULE). Perl's Text::Unidecode module is now needed to better order browse views.

  • Perl Text::Unidecode module
    • RPM: perl-Text-Unidecode
    • DEB: libtext-unidecode-perl
    • CPAN: Text::Unidecode

Also see new dependencies for EPrints 3.4.1 if you are upgrading from 3.4.0 or earlier.

Changes Since 3.4.1

New Functionality

  • Capability for enabling caching of citations to improve page load times, particularly browse views.
  • Provides HTTP PATCH functonality to support incremental metadata changes. (Particularly useful for Symplectic Repository Tools 2 integration).
  • Provides facility to define custom handlers for integration with third party applications.
  • New DOI import plugin using UNIXREF that provides a richer source of metadata.
  • Allows access records to be saved and processed from disk rather than a database table (requires manual enabling).
  • Supports embedded HTML5 video blocks including subtitles.
  • New MetaField for case insensitive IDs, useful for usernames and email addresses.
  • New MetaField for keywords. Backwards compatible with text and longtext fields but more accurate at matching individual potentially multiple word keywords.
  • New MetaField that provides word count addition to long text fields (requires jQuery to be installed in archive's javascript/auto/ directory)
  • Allow certain countries not to have to provide a successful Recaptcha for requests (e.g. in China ReCAPTCHA is blocked).
  • Render function to allow publications with long creators/editors listed to neatly truncated.
  • Script for generating XML sitemaps for use with tools like Google Search Console

Security Improvements

  • Prevention of offsite redirects after login.
  • Logs out all sessions on password change.
  • Rate limits number of password reset emails that can be sent.
  • Ensures document full texts are reindexed to add or remove depending on changes to document security.
  • Blocks JavaScript in uploaded HTML documents from potentially performing malicious actions as the logged in user.
  • Restricts get_tables call for database to those in the current repository.

General Improvements

  • Improves Accessibility of EPrints user intefaces
  • Allows subject line of RequestCopy emails to be customised by the user (in case item being requested has no title set).
  • Better parsing of BibTeX for import.
  • Better error and warning colours for command lines tools.
  • Better formatting of person name strings.
  • Allows server-wide specification of EPrints flavour (rather than just archive level).
  • New functions for ordering various types of MetaField or for sanitising ordering. Ensuring (person) names are consistently ordered.
  • Enables multi-lingual support for templates, tooltips and workflow headings.
  • Removes any remaining use of full URLs within default template and static pages that can cause a multitude of issues including http/https interoperability.
  • Comprehensive review and addition of missing phrases.
  • Allows "epadmin create" to allow an organisation name to be set as a phrase.
  • Improves compound multiple field table rendering to not display lots of UNSPECIFIED if a column has no row with a value set.
  • Better support for read-only MetaFields.
  • Provides EPrints Script test for whether one string contains another.
  • Provides checking for individual user roles within a workflow.
  • Allows data objects other the EPrint to have revision histories.
  • Improves Xapian indexing checking.
  • Additions to index tokenizer mappings.
  • Removes Text::Unidecode Perl module as this is better provided by Linux package repositories.
  • Allows user-defined sort functions for browse views.
  • Adds user-definable get_item method for ItemRef MetaFields so fromform method can be used with this type of field.
  • Adds classes for option list HTML elements to make it easier to apply CSS styles.
  • Adds HTTPS support for SWORD deposit client.
  • Improves functionality of Itemref MetaField allowing user-defined get_item and render_item functions.
  • Generally reduces the use of full URL (with protocol) when absolute/relative path would be more appropriate.
  • Makes "Remove Item (with notification)" appear on actions bar when item is in live archive to make it consistent with "Remove Item".

Bug fixes

  • Fixes typo effecting position of Review page's move to archive button.
  • Fixes error that broke JavaScript for expanding dl tree elements.
  • Fixes broken epm command line tool.
  • Fixes bug with feeds for latest_tool page
  • Fixes bug causing update_triples event queue tasks to fail.
  • Fixes bug with 404 error when attempting to access RequestCopy page.
  • Fixes some general encoding issues in export plugins.
  • Fixes bug to again allow "epadmin test" to be run without an archive specified.
  • Fixes bug with warning of missing brief citation for event queue.
  • Fixes issue with MySQL no longer allowing creation of a MySQL user on granting of privilges.
  • Allow DOI to be Endnote exported for any publication type.
  • Fixes bugs with HTTPS everywhere configuration breaking some URLs in OAI-PMH and eleswegere
  • Fixes substring out of bounds error when there is no icon URL for a document.
  • Fixes hard-coding of entry UID for History iCal export.
  • Fixes lack of link for non-specified year items in year browse view menu.
  • Fixes issue with use of EPrints::Sword::Utils.
  • Fixes check for whether a browse view is a list based on prefix of view's ID.
  • Various fixes to image and video conversion through changes to convert and ffmpeg parameters.
  • Fixes duplicate event queue tasks being created by resetting to waiting instead.
  • Fixes issues access Bazaar behind a HTTP proxy.
  • Removes hard-coding of EPrints filesystem path where possible.
  • Removes hard-coding of site_lib in EPrints include path and all other references.
  • Removes TeX::Encode::BibTeX and TeX::Encode::charmap Perl sub-modules as these come as part of TeX::Encode that should already be installed as a dependency (since EPrints 3.4.1).
  • Fixes case-sensivity on document type guessing when file extension is in upper case.
  • Fixes fuzzy matching on browse view causing generate_views to generate more views than expected.
  • Fixes typo for epm sources configuration option.
  • Better parse pageranges that include page numbers with hyphens.
  • Fixes typo in index tokenizer's apply_mapping function.
  • Fixes issues with Storage Manager when CSRF protection is enabled.
  • Fixes broken add and edit phrase functionality when CSRF protection is enabled.
  • Fixes "insecure connection" bug when exporting from Actions tab.
  • Adds most basic default workflow for files to fix viewing of files through Manage records.
  • Tidies up robots.txt generation.

Planned Development

See EPrints 3.4.3.