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Release Notes

N.B. Due to the changes below the Perl JSON library is now required. This can be installed as the perl-JSON RPM package, libjson-perl DEB package or by running "cpan JSON". Similarly, the TeX::Encode module needs to be installed as it has been removed from the core codebase. This can be installed as the libtex_encode_perl DEB package on by running "cpan TeX::Encode". (No RPM is available in the standard YUM repositories.)

Changes from 3.4.0

  • Minor bug and typo fixes and addition of missing phrases.
  • Ensure multi_param method is used if available.
  • Improved default rendering of history tab
  • Each part of the subjects hierarchy now a separate link
  • Fixed rendering off logged in user link as part of the login menu.
  • Added template field for DataObjs, so they can have a non-default display template.
  • Better HTML class/ID labelling to faciltate CSS styling.
  • Update CAPTCHA MetaFields to use ReCAPTCHAv2 by default.
  • Better management of dependencies between ingredients.
  • Allow searches to have their own titles defined directly rather than just constructed from the title phrase (e.g. Title matches "test" AND Authors is "Smith")
  • Added JavaScript variable definitions for user ID, name and type so these can be used client side.
  • Enabled text indexing on set fields by default.
  • Allow leaf nodes (i.e. pages rather than menus) of browse views to use a different template to other nodes.
  • Added user role to give no (rather than all) editorial rights to an editor unless specified.
  • Allow latest items feeds to only be displayed if specified rather than dependent on values set for the export plugin itself.
  • Made configuration for side-wide HTTPS simpler.
  • Prevent default export of issues field even for admin export, as this field can get exponentially quite large and is rarely useful as part of a general export.
  • Fixed request processing so GET and HEAD requests get routed the same way.
  • Added basic history search functionality.
  • Colour space fix when generating thumbnails
  • Fix to ensure EPMC screen plugins have the super class plugin pre-loaded
  • Added registry line to /cgi/counter to list included paths for flavours, ingredients and otehr library directories.
  • TeX::Encode module has been removed from the codebase so more up to date version can be installed through CPAN or Linux package.

Changes ported from 3.3

  • Various typo fixes and additional documenting comments
  • Fixed "on behalf of" functionality for SWORD deposits.
  • Deal better with empty strings set for related_url_type.
  • Improved name searching with apostrophes, accented characters and similar.
  • Added ITF-8 compatibility for the DOI library
  • Checkout URL for logout on logged_in_as phrase
  • Added id attribute for ep_sr_compoment and ep_sr_none div elements to fix Prototype issue.
  • Fixed bug with RDF triples generation for bibo.
  • Simplified fallback logic for generated updated browse views.
  • Added default phrase for empty links in view menus.
  • Fixed base URLs so https is used by default if $c->{securehost} is set not if $c->{host} is not.
  • Remove leading and trailing white space from uploaded files, so they are consistent with the database.
  • Added DOI library.
  • Added mysql_enable_utf8 to MySQL DSN.
  • Changed method for determining database index names to reduce the chances of them being too long for MySQL.
  • Allow hyperlinks to be added to document icons.
  • Add params to MetaField::render_search_value, so extended MetaField clases could make use of these.https://serviceswiki.eprints-hosting.org/index.php?title=3.4.1_Release&action=edit
  • Created a citation for a logged in user (e.g. in menu bar) so this is more easily customisable.
  • Allow for email black lists on request-a-copy.
  • Added render_value_function to EPScript API
  • Switched to using Perl JSON library to parse JSON / JavaScript strings.
  • Fixed generic invalid XML revision file generation when metadata includes unrecognised (to XML) characters.
  • Fixed issue with whitespace and buffer length when truncating the contents of a file for DataObj::File's characters method.
  • Aesthetic improvements to the history tab layout.
  • Hide full paths when running generate_static in quiet mode.
  • Added required type to return value for run_doc_size.
  • Ensured make_name_string can deal with single name people.
  • Give 'email' field same type as 'requester_email' for Request DataObjs
  • Added permanent redirect method to Apache::Rewrite
  • Pre-emptively strip extra slashes from redirect
  • Fixed bad regex in /cgi/search
  • Fixed Apache rewrite match for sitemap.
  • Captured error message in Event descriptions, so it can be displayed immediately and also set as the description value.
  • Fixed output error element when a badVerb is request for OAI.
  • Changed to using <tt> rather than <code> element on all default static pages.