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Data Object representing a single EPrint record.

It belongs to the "eprint" dataset.

In the API it is represented as an instace of EPrints::DataObj::EPrint

Metadata Fields

Built in Fields

Field NameTypeDescription
eprintidint fieldThe ID number of this EPrint Object (unique within a single repository)
rev_numberint fieldThe metadata revision number. Increased by 1 every time this record is modified.
documentsmultiple subobject fieldzero or more Document Objects attached to this EPrint. In effect these are sub-objects.
eprint_statusset fieldthe status of this eprint.
useriditemref fieldthe userid of the User Object which first created this item. This is the user that can see the eprint in their userarea.
dirtext fieldthe path that the documents for this eprint are stored, relative to Archives/ARCHIVEID/documents/
datestamptime fieldthe time the eprint first appeared in the live archive. Is only ever set once.
lastmodtime fieldthe time this eprint was last modified
status_changedtime fieldthe time the eprint_status field was last modified (ie. when it was last moved between datasets)
typenamedset fieldnamedset "eprint". the type of this eprint (eg. article, etc).
succeedsitemref fieldif this eprint is a new version (not revision) of an existing eprint record, this is the id of the record it replaces.
commentaryitemref fieldif this eprint is a commentary on an existing eprint record this is the id of the record it comments upon.
replacedbyitemref fieldif this eprint has a newer version then this is the id of the newer version (opposite of "succeeds")
metadata_visibilityset fieldif set to no_search then this record does not appear in search results. Used for older versions of a thing where all versions must exist but it's only useful to discover the newest one.
contact_emailemail fieldan email address for correspondance about this eprint. Used to request documents which are not online, or not public.
fileinfolongtext fieldused to cache the icon urls and links for the documents, so they can be easily used in citations.
latitudefloat field
longitudefloat fieldthese store the position on earth which this eprint relates to, if any. This could be where it was presented, where the author lives, or the location may be the subject of the eprint such as a city or an archaelogical dig. The exact use depends on the repository.

Local Fields

EPrint objects have many more fields, which are defined in eprint_fields.pl

Related configuration files