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This technique of installing EPrints allows you build your own debian package for eprints from our source (of the binary).

Configuring APT

Using your favorite text editor edit "/etc/apt/sources.list" and add the lines:

 deb unstable/
 deb-src source/

The update your apt

 root@host$ apt-get update

Install build dependancies

This can now be done with one command:

 root@host$ apt-get build-dep eprints

Get EPrints source

 root@host$ apt-get source eprints

This will provide you with a tar.gz which is extracted to the current directory.

To change the way the eprints builds you can edit the debian/rules file (the only line you will want is the configure one). Once done you can then type dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot from the root dir of the extracted tar ball.

This will build you a .deb in the directory above your current location, which can then be installed usinging dpkg:

 dpkg -i ../eprints-X.X.X_all.deb

Alternativly you can configure and install it yourself (a non debian specific version) by configuring manually and then running

$ ./configure --with-smtp-server=smtp.yourdomain
$ sudo ./

Note: The Ubuntu 7.04 kernel does not support the syscalls Eprints uses for determining the free disk size. Thus you must disable df as well:

U7.04$ ./configure --with-smtp-server=smtp.yourdomain --disable-diskfree