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If you come across any unknown Eprints-specific issues please send a bug report to the eptech mailing list.

Known Issues

Wrong XML::LibXML Version

This affects mainly Ubuntu and older Debian distributions where the libxml package is too old. The package installer doesn't check the XML::LibXML version. Either install XML::LibXML 1.63 from cpan or disable it by setting enable_libxml to 0 in /usr/share/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/

Installing 1.63 from cpan (as root):

cpan XML::LibXML

Alternatively you could follow the instructions at Installing_GDOME_on_Debian to install the GDOME XML library.

Without either XML::LibXML or XML::GDOME Eprints uses a bundled XML::DOM implementation that has much lower performance and poorer Unicode support. measuring disk usage (reiserFS)

Not supported in the default package install, to add support add the following to the array defined in $EPRINTS_HOME/perl_lib/Filesys/

 1448756819 => "REISERFS_SUPER_MAGIC",    # 0x565A4653

Many thanks to José Miguel Parrella Romero for pointing this out.