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If you come across any unknown Eprints-specific issues please send a bug report to the eptech mailing list.

Known Issues

Wrong XML::LibXML Version

This affects mainly Ubuntu and older Debian distributions where the libxml package is too old. The package installer doesn't check the XML::LibXML version. Either install XML::LibXML 1.63 from cpan or disable it by setting enable_libxml to 0 in /usr/share/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/

Installing 1.63 from cpan (as root):

cpan XML::LibXML

Alternatively you could follow the instructions at Installing_GDOME_on_Debian to install the GDOME XML library.

Without either XML::LibXML or XML::GDOME Eprints uses a bundled XML::DOM implementation that has much lower performance and poorer Unicode support.