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This field is used to store a single date. Internally EPrints always uses ISO standard notation for dates, it avoids confusion. This is YYYY-MM-DD.

In bibliographies sometimes exact dates of publication (or other events) are not known. EPrints allows you to store month and year values in date fields. YYYY or YYYY-MM.

In the database EPrints actually uses 3 integer fields to store the date, rather than a built in date field. This is because of the need to allow "NULL" in month and day if the date is just "1998".


name default description
min_resolution day month|year. If set to "day" then values of YYYY or YYYY-MM will cause a validation error. If set to "month" then values of YYYY will cause a validation error. If set to "year" then day, month or year resolutions are allowed.
render_res day month|year. If set to "year" then the dates 1998-10-01, 1998-10 and 1998 would all be rendered as "1998". This is not too useful in configuring the field, but can be set as a print option inside citation files.
render_style long long. If "long" then you'll see "8 September 1998". If "short" then "08 Sep 1998".

Required Phrases

Some system phrases for months, but nothing you need to configure.