Building the Live CD

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This page is designed as a HOW-TO on building the LiveCD for the development team, if you find it useful then great.

The current machine with this on is the Xubuntu install on

Stage 1 - Initial Setup

Note: This only needs to be done once per rebuild (from a new distro)

1) Go fetch a Ubuntu variation as the base image. Currently Xubuntu Desktop i386

2) Install this on a box.

3) Once installed follow the instructions at [1] up until the customisations section.

Stage 2 - Installing EPrints

1) If not already done follow the "Prepare and chroot" instructions at [2].

2) Add the apt mirror for eprints. (

3) Install eprints via "apt-get install eprints"

4) Create the training repository, url =, admin user = admin, admin password = eprints.

5) Add to hosts file pointing at

6) As eprints import the test data


1) apt-get remove eprints

2) apt-get install eprints

3) epadmin upgrade training

Allowing Admin user to edit conf files

1) In in the local archive cfg.d directory:

$c->{user_roles}->{admin} = [qw{
# Just add this to the end:

$c->{roles}->{"live-cd-extras"} = [
      "repository/backup" #DO NOT ALLOW THIS ON A PRODUCTION SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Backup and Restore Plugins

1) Download the Backup and Restore plugins from the SVN to their place in the EPrints tree (Plugin/Screen/Admin)

2) Add the following to lib/lang/en/phrases/system.xml (committed in 3.2)

<epp:phrase id="Plugin/Screen/Admin/Backup:action:backup_repository:title">Backup Repository</epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="Plugin/Screen/Admin/Backup:action:backup_repository:description">Exports a single compressed file of EPrints system, archive data and database files for this repository.</epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="Plugin/Screen/Admin/Restore:title">Restore Repository</epp:phrase>
<epp:phrase id="Plugin/Screen/Admin/Restore:description">Restores a complete repository, including all eprints system files..</epp:phrase>
 <epp:phrase id="Plugin/Screen/Admin/Restore:backup_archive">Backup archive file:</epp:phrase>
 <epp:phrase id="Plugin/Screen/Admin/Restore:upload">Upload</epp:phrase>

3) Add the role to the database for the admin user, typically:

 mysql -u root training;
 INSERT INTO user_roles VALUES(1,0,"+repository/backup");

Building the CD

NOTE: There is one line in the following guide [3] from which is wrong:

sudo mksquashfs edit extract-cd/casper/filesystem.squashfs -nolzma


sudo mksquashfs edit extract-cd/casper/filesystem.squashfs -nolzma -no-sparse

1) Follow the instructions from [4] for both Cleanup and and Putting the CD together.