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(Day 2)
(Day 2)
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Optional Module: [[Boxes on Abstract Pages]]
Optional Module: [[Boxes on Abstract Pages]]
11:30: Scheduling Events
11:30: [[Dataset Manipulation and Events]
12:30: Lunch
12:30: Lunch

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Welcome to Bazaar Southampton - The First EPrints Bazaar Developer Event

This event will focus on the features of Bazaar prior to release in EPrints 3.3. Will show people how to get started with the various packages and techniques available and lead to a discussion around the future of the Bazaar, licensing and legal issues as well as trust.

 When: 7/8th of December 2010 
 Where: University of Southampton
 Cost: Free (You pay accommodation)
 Max People: 24
 Evening Meal (7th): The Cowheards Pub @ 7pm (Table at 8pm)

REGISTER HERE: http://bazaar.eventbrite.com/

This page outlines the draft schedule for the 2 day event.

Day 1

10:00: A Bazaar Introduction and demonstration - This will focus on what the Bazaar looks like, how it works and packages which are already built.

11:00: Coffee

11:15: Under the Table - How the Bazaar works, what are the capabilities.

12:30: Lunch

14:00: My First Bazaar Package - Writing a Screen Plug-in, installing and removing it, creating a config file for my screen plug-in and using it.

15:30: Coffee

16:00: Import and Export Plug-ins and the Bazaar uses for them.

18:00: End Day 1

Day 2

10:00: XML manipulation of the EPrints Workflow using a Bazaar Package

10:45: XML manipulation of the Abstract page using a Bazaar Module

Optional Module: Boxes on Abstract Pages

11:30: [[Dataset Manipulation and Events]

12:30: Lunch

14:00: Bazaar Panel - Led by Chris Gutteridge (cos he is suitably Bazaar)

15:30: Coffee

16:00: Ending with style (CSS) and eloquence (Languages)

17:00: Last Orders - Challenge the team to anything you want in the Bazaar, can it be done?

18:00: Close