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=Welcome to the Glasgow EPrints Bazaar Workshop=
=Welcome to the Glasgow EPrints Bazaar Workshop=

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Welcome to the Glasgow EPrints Bazaar Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to give advanced training on the EPrints API and introduce the EPrints Bazaar. We will also be doing individual surgeries throughout the two days to help people with specific problems they may have. Also we are looking to improve specific parts of our documentation so any suggestions for wiki pages you would like written would be gratefully received.


Day 1

10:00 - My first bazaar plugin. A gentle start looking at how to make an EPrints plugin and how to turn it into a bazaar package.

11:00 - The EPrints API. An introduction to the API and what you can do with it including building your own searches, and manipulating datasets

13:00 - Lunch. This is a provisional time

14:00 - The workflow API. How bazaar modules can manipulate EPrints workflows.

Extra - An excercise on export and import plugins. For anyone who is particularly keen we have some extra training material

Day 2

10:00 - Adding Datasets and Triggers. A heavy duty look at how to build a Dark Archive for your repository using the API.

1:00 - Lunch. Again timing is provisional

2:00 - Box plugins. Find out about a simple portable way to add content to an summary page.

3:00 - Themes. How to take you existing styles and make them portable.