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EPrints can autocomplete on an authority file. The format of the file is a set of lines. Each line contains a lookup string, a tab, and a chunk of XML. This XML is a single autocomplete block. The file needs to be placed in eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/autocomplete/.

EPrints Romeo is a service which provides a list of journals and their open access status. A EPrints 3 authority file is available from their website.

%cd /opt/eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/autocomplete

Now the file needs to be linked into the workflow. Edit the file


Find the input for Publication Title

<field ref="publication" required="yes" input_lookup_url="{$config{perl_url}}/users/lookup/journal_by_name" />

By default, this is set to use the 'journal_by_name' script, which searches records already in the repository. However, now that we have a long list of journals that we've downloaded from Romeo, we'd like to use that instead. Modify the line:

 <field ref="publication" required="yes" input_lookup_url="{$config{perl_url}}/users/lookup/file" input_lookup_params="file=romeo_journals.autocomplete"/>

All that is left now is to restart the webserver.