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EPrints 3 Reference: Directory Structure - Metadata Fields - Repository Configuration - XML Config Files - XML Export Format - EPrints data structure - Core API - Data Objects

Phrases specific to this repository and language (English in this case due to the /en/ in the path).

Phrases in this directory override phrases with the same phraseid in eprints3/lib/lang/en/phrases/

  • eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/lang/en/phrases
    • archive_name.xml - The name of the archive (generated by epadmin)
    • deposit_agreement.xml - The agreement shown to users as they click the "Deposit Now" button
    • document_formats.xml - Names of the document formats (text/plain => "Text" etc.)
    • document_security.xml - Names of the document security levels.
    • dynamic.xml - Phrases used by the dynamic template (the login/logout bit which changes when you login)
    • eprint_fields.xml - names, help text and names for options (in set fields) of fields in the EPrint Object.
    • eprint_order.xml - human readable rendering of the allowed orderings of search results for eprint searches.
    • eprint_types.xml - name and description of each of the eprint types.
    • intro.xml - Text which appears on the registration page.
    • intro_mini.xml - Text which appears on the registration page for minimal users (who have very few privs).
    • mail_bounce_reason.xml - email sent to users when an item is rejected, requiring changes.
    • mail_delete_reason.xml - email sent to users when an item is rejected and has been deleted.
    • mail_email.xml - email sent to users when they change their email address
    • mail_password.xml - email sent to users to allow them to activate their password
    • mail_sig.xml - text which appears at the bottom of all emails sent by this repository.
    • render.xml - phrases used by the function (which renders the eprint-summary page)
    • user_fields.xml - as for eprint_fields but for User Object fields.
    • user_order.xml - as for eprint_order but for User Objects.
    • validate.xml - text used by local validation routines to explain why something is invalid.
    • views.xml - titles for each "browse by" section.
    • warnings.xml - warnings that appear at the end of the deposit process. These are like validation errors, but don't prevent the deposit from happening.
    • workflow.xml - Phrases used within the workflow (page titles).