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export - export some or all items in a dataset using an output plugin.

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export repository_id [options] dataset

export repository_id [options] dataset plugin [objectid] [objectid...]

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This command outputs a dataset in the selected format. The formats available depend on what Export plugins have been installed.

Some plugins only operate on lists (e.g. RSS), others only operate on single objects only. Some plugins act slightly differently in single-item only mode. For example, outputing a list of eprints as XML gives a number of <eprint> elements in an outer <eprints> element.

To get the plugin to export a single item use --single. This may not always return a complete file. For example it may be missing the <?xml header, depending on the plugin.

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The ID of the EPrint repository to use.

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The name of the dataset to export, such as "archive", "subject" or "user".

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The id of the output plugin to use. This should not include the leading "Export::". Examples: BibTeX, XML.

If this is ommited or an invalid plugin is requested, then 'export' will list all plugins compatible with the dataset and exit.

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If this is set then just output the single, specified item or items.

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--arg key=value

Add an argument to the export plugin. May be repeated. Effects depend on te export plugin.

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Print a brief help message and exit.

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Print the full manual page and then exit.

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Be vewwy vewwy quiet. This option will supress all output unless an error occurs.

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Explain in detail what is going on. May be repeated for greater effect.

Shows why a plugin is disabled.

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Output version information and exit.

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