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check_xapian - Checks that Xapian is successfully indexing eprint items.


check_xapian repository_id [options]


This script checks that eprint items have successfully been indexed by Xapian. It does this my using "/usr/bin/quest" to search the Xapian database filesystem for the title of the particular item. This requires the 'xapian-tools' package to be installed. If the title does not contain any special characters or quote marks it will attempt to search for the title within quote marks. If this is not the case or this returns no matching results, it will search for all the terms in the title in an attempt to find a result. The script will print a success message to the standard output if a result with the correct EPrint ID is returned othewise it will print a failure message to the standard error. A summary message will be printed before the script exits totalling the number of items found not to be indexed.


The ID of the eprint repository to use.


Check all eprint items rather than those last modified in the last 2 days.
Check all items list in the comma-separated list of IDs.
Check search results using the facets matching protocol rather than the standard Xapian matching protocol.
Check eprint items last modified in the last n days rathar than the last 2 days.
Only check the top n results ordered by relevance. By default only check first 1000 results.
Print a brief help message and exit.
Print the full manual page and then exit.
Specify the directory of the Xapian database if it is not EPRINTS_PATH/archives/ARCHIVEID/var/xapian/.
This option will supress all output unless an error occurs.
Takes a random sample of 100 eprint items to check whether they are indexed. Can be used with --sample=n to specify a different random sample size. Can be used with --days to specify how recently the random sample should taken from.
If a item is not found then schedule it for reindexing.
Used in conjuction with --random to specify the sample size of items to check. By default sample size is 100.
Used to specify the status of eprint (inbox, buffer, archive, deletion) to be check. If not specified eprints of all statuses will be checked. Specify multiple statuses through a comma-separated list. Ignored if used in conjunction with --idlist.
Used in conjuction with --reindex to specify the username of the user who should be set as the creator for indexing tasks. If not set the first admin or local_admin user created will be used.
Explain in detail what is going on.
Output version information and exit.


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