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EPrints::Script - Mini-scripting language for use in workflow and citations.


This module processes simple eprints mini-scripts.

my $result = execute( "$eprint.type = 'article'", { eprint=>$eprint } );

The syntax is

$var := dataobj or string or datastructure
"string" := string
'string' := string
!boolean := boolean 
string = string := boolean
string := string := boolean
boolean or boolean := boolean
boolean and boolean := boolean
dataobj{property} := string or datastructure
dataobj.is_set( fieldname ) := boolean
string.one_of( string, string, string... ) := boolean
string.reverse() := string ( foobar=>raboof ) 
?.length() := integer


Warning These methods were found in the source code but didn't have any POD associated with them. This may be because we haven't got around to documenting them yet or it could be because they are internal to the API and not intended for use by other parts of EPrints.