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Event plugins are called by the indexer to actually do work. EPrints::DataObj::EventQueue objects are stored in the database and executed once their start_time is due. The object contains the plugin ID, action and optionally parameters.

Action is the sub called on the plugin. This sub must return undef or a valid response constant recognised by EPrints::DataObj::EventQueue/execute.

Parameters can contain any Perl data structure that can be serialised by Storable. As a special case parameters that look like an internal id are re-instantiated as the referenced object before the plugin action is called.

Events also support scheduled (or repeating) events by calling cron on this class with the actual plugin id/action/parameters to call. The scheduled event isn't called directly but is triggered via a new event object with a start_time of now.

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 EPrints::DataObj::EventQueue->create_unique( $repo, {
   pluginid => "Event::Hello",
   action => "hello",
   params => ["John Smith"],
 EPrints::DataObj::EventQueue->create_unique( $repo, {
   pluginid => "Event",
   action => "cron",
   params => ["0,15,30,45 * * * *",
     "John Smith",

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