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Line 93: Line 93:
<!-- Pod2Wiki= -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki= -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_get_id -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_id -->
<source lang="perl">$id = $plugin->get_id
<source lang="perl">$id = $plugin->id
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<!-- Pod2Wiki= -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki= -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_get_name -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_name -->
<source lang="perl">$name = $plugin->get_name
<source lang="perl">$name = $plugin->name
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<!-- Pod2Wiki= -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki= -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_get_type -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_type -->
<source lang="perl">$name = $plugin->get_type
<source lang="perl">$name = $plugin->type
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<!-- Pod2Wiki= -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki= -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_get_subtype -->
<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_subtype -->
<source lang="perl">$name = $plugin->get_subtype
<source lang="perl">$name = $plugin->subtype

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EPrints::Plugin - base class of all EPrints Plugins


$plugin = $repo->plugin( "Export::XML" );


This class provides the basic methods used by all EPrints Plugins.



$plugin = EPrints::Plugin->new( %params );

Create a new instance of a plugin. Defines the following parameters:

  • repository
Required handle to the current repository object.
  • name
Human-readable name of the plugin.
  • alias
Array reference of plugin id's that this plugin is aliasing (replacing).


$mime_type = EPrints::Plugin->mime_type()

Returns the MIME type for this plugin.

Returns undef if there is no relevant MIME type for this plugin type.


$value = EPrints::Plugin->local_uri

Return a unique ID for this plugin as it relates to the current repository. This can be used to distinguish that XML import for different repositories may have minor differences.

This URL will not resolve to anything useful.


$value = EPrints::Plugin->global_uri

Return a unique ID for this plugin, but not just in this repository but for any repository. This can be used for fuzzier tools which do not care about the minor differences between EPrints repositories.

This URL will not resolve to anything useful.


$id = $plugin->id

Return the ID of this plugin.


$name = $plugin->name

Return the ID of this plugin.


$name = $plugin->type

Return the type of this plugin. eg. Export


$name = $plugin->subtype

Return the sub-type of this plugin. eg. BibTex

This is the ID with the type stripped from the front.


$msg = $plugin->error_message

Return the error message, if this plugin can't be used.


$boolean = $plugin->broken

Return the value of a parameter in the current plugin.


$name = $plugin->matches( $test, $param )

Return true if this plugin matches the test, false otherwise. If the test is not known then return false.


$value = $plugin->param( $paramid )

Return the parameter with the given id. This uses the hard wired parameter unless an override has been configured for this repository:

  $c->{plugins}->{"Export::XML"}->{params}->{name} = "My EP3 XML";
  $c->{plugins}->{"Export::Ids"}->{params}->{disable} = 1;


$phraseid = $plugin->html_phrase_id( $id )

Returns the fully-qualified phrase identifier for the $id phrase for this plugin.


$xhtml = $plugin->html_phrase( $id, %bits )

Return the phrase belonging to this plugin, with the given id.

Returns a DOM tree.


$utf8 = $plugin->phrase( $id, %bits )

Return the phrase belonging to this plugin, with the given id.

Returns a utf-8 encoded string.


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