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EPrints::Paginate - Methods for rendering a paginated List

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$xhtml = EPrints::Paginate->paginate_list( $session, $basename, $list, %opts )

Render a "paginated" view of the list i.e. display a "page" of items with links to navigate through the list.

$basename is the basename to use for pagination-specific CGI parameters, to avoid clashes.

%opts is a hash of options which can be used to customise the behaviour and/or rendering of the paginated list. See EPrints::Search for a good example!

Behaviour options:

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The maximum number of items to display on a page.

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The maximum number of page jump links to display.

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A hashref of parameters to include in the prev/next/jump URLs, e.g. to maintain the state of other controls on the page between jumps.

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controls_before, controls_after

Additional links to display before/after the page navigation controls.

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A containing XML DOM element for the list of items on the current page.

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render_result, render_result_params

A custom subroutine for rendering an individual item on the current page. The subroutine will be called with $session, $item, and the parameter specified by the render_result_params option. The rendered item should be returned.

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The phrase to use to render the entire "page". Can make use of the following pins:

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prev/next/jump links

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description of list e.g. what search parameters produced it

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total number of items in list, range of items displayed on current page

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list of rendered items

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prev/next/jump links (only if list contains >0 items)

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Named "pins" to render on the page. These may override the default "pins" (see above), or specify new "pins" (although you would need to define a custom phrase in order to make use of them).

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