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EPrints::OpenArchives - Methods for open archives support in EPrints.


This module contains methods used by the EPrints OAI interface. See http://www.openarchives.org/ for more information.



 $xml = EPrints::OpenArchives::make_header( $session, $eprint, $oai2 )

Return a DOM tree containing the generic <header> part of a OAI response describing an EPrint.

Return the OAI2 version if $oai2 is true.


 $xml = EPrints::OpenArchives::make_record( $session, $eprint, $fn, $oai2 )

Return XML DOM describing the entire OAI <record> for a single eprint.

If $oai2 is true return the XML suitable for OAI v2.0

$fn is a pointer to a function which takes ( $eprint, $session ) and returns an XML DOM tree describing the metadata in the desired format.


 $oai_id EPrints::OpenArchives::to_oai_identifier( $archive_id, $eprintid )

Give the full OAI identifier of an eprint, given the local eprint id.

$archive_id is the ID used for OAI, which may be different from that used by EPrints.


 $eprintid = EPrints::OpenArchives::from_oai_identifier( $session, $oai_identifier )

Return the local eprint id of an oai eprint identifier.

Return undef if this does not match a possible eprint.

This does not check the eprint actually exists, just that the OAI identifier is suitable.


 $encoded = EPrints::OpenArchives::encode_setspec( @bits )

This encodes a list of values in such a way that it is a legal OAI setspec, even if it contains non-ascii characters etc.


 @decoded = EPrints::OpenArchives::decode_setspec( $encoded )

This decodes a list of parameters encoded by encode_setspec


 $encoded = EPrints::OpenArchives::text2bytestring( $string )

Converts a string into hex. eg. "A" becomes "41".


 $decoded = EPrints::OpenArchives::bytestring2text( $encstring )

Does the reverse of text2bytestring.