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EPrints::MetaField::Date - dates


This field is used to store a single date. The notation used is YYYY-MM-DD, where YYYY is the 4-digit year, MM is the 2 digit month (starting at 01) and DD is the 2 digit day of the month (starting at 01).

MM and DD may be omitted, giving the following possible values:



  • [fieldname]_year SQL_SMALLINT
  • [fieldname]_month SQL_TINYINT
  • [fieldname]_day SQL_TINYINT


Date fields can be searched as either single values or ranges. Searching for "2006" will also match 2006-12-25. You can search for "2000.." to search dates in or after 2000. Or "2000-12..2003-01" for December 2000 through January 2003.


In addition to those properties available in EPrints::MetaField:


  • long
Render labeled text entry boxes for year, month and day.
  • short
Render a single text entry box with a Javascript date picker.

render_res = "day"

Reduce the resolution the date is shown as.

render_style = "long"
  • long
Render the full month name.
  • short
Render an abbreviated month name.



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