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EPrints::Email - Email Utility functions for EPrints.


This package handles sending emails.


 EPrints::Utils::send_mail( %properties )

Sends an email.

Required properties:

session - the current session

langid - the id of the language to send the email in.

to_email, to_name - who to send it to

subject - the subject of the message (UTF-8 encoded string)

message - the body of the message as a DOM tree

optional properties:

from_email, from_name - who is sending the email (defaults to the archive admin)

sig - the signature file as a DOM tree

replyto_email, replyto_name

attach - ref to an array of filenames (with full paths) to attach to the message

Returns true if mail sending (appears to have) succeeded. False otherwise.

Uses the config. option "send_email" to send the mail, or if that's not defined sends the email via STMP.

names and the subject should be encoded as utf-8


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