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EPrints::DataObj::UploadProgress - uploads-in-progress state

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This is an internal class, which inherits from EPrints::DataObj. It is just for managing the progress of files being uploaded to EPrints.

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progressid (text)

The unique identifier for an upload progress. This is a 32-character hexadecimal string.

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expires (int)

The time (in seconds since the start of the last epoch) when this upload progress will expire if it is not completed.

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size (bigint)

The total size in bytes of the file being uploaded.

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size (bigint)

The number of bytes of the file being uploaded that have already been received.

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Constructor Methods

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$progress = EPrints::DataObj::UploadProgress->new_from_request( $session )

Creates and returns a new upload progress data object based on the current request.

Returns undef if no file upload is pointed to by this request.

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Class Methods

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$fields = EPrints::DataObj::UploadProgress->get_system_field_info

Returns an array describing the system metadata of the upload progress dataset.

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$dataset = EPrints::DataObj::UploadProgress->get_dataset_id

Returns the id of the EPrints::DataSet object to which this record belongs.

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$progress = EPrints::DataObj::UploadProgress->remove_expired( $session )

Remove all upload progress data objects where expired is earlier than the current time.

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$defaults = EPrints::DataObj::UploadProgress->get_defaults( $session, $data )

Returns default values for this object based on the starting $data.

Sets expires to one week from now.

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Object Methods

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$progress->update_cb( $filename, $buffer, $bytes_read, $progress )

Updates callback for use with CGI. Limits database writes to a minimum of 1 second between updates of the received field to the value provided by $bytes_read.

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EPrints::DataObj and EPrints::DataSet.

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