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EPrints::DataObj::SavedSearch - Single saved search.

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A saved search is a sub class of EPrints::DataObj.

Each one belongs to one and only one user, although one user may own multiple saved searches.

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$field_config = EPrints::DataObj::SavedSearch->get_system_field_info

Return an array describing the system metadata of the saved search. dataset.

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$dataset = EPrints::DataObj::SavedSearch->get_dataset_id

Returns the id of the EPrints::DataSet object to which this record belongs.

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$success = $saved_search->commit( [$force] )

Write this object to the database.

If $force isn't true then it only actually modifies the database if one or more fields have been changed.

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$user = $saved_search->get_user

Return the EPrints::User which owns this saved search.

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$searchexp = $saved_search->make_searchexp

Return a EPrints::Search describing how to find the eprints which are in the scope of this saved search.

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Send out an email for this subcription. If there are no matching new items then an email is only sent if the saved search has mailempty set to true.

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EPrints::DataObj::SavedSearch::process_set( $session, $frequency );

Static method. Calls send_out_alert on every saved search with a frequency matching $frequency.

Also saves a file logging that the alerts for this frequency was sent out at the current time.

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$timestamp = EPrints::DataObj::SavedSearch::get_last_timestamp( $session, $frequency );

Static method. Return the timestamp of the last time this frequency of alert was sent.

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$boolean = $user->has_owner( $possible_owner )

True if the users are the same record.

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