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EPrints::DataObj::LoginTicket - user system loginticket


Login tickets are the database entries for the user's session cookies.

Configuration Settings

  • user_cookie_timeout = undef
Set an expiry on the session cookies. This will cause the user's browser to delete the cookie after the given time. The time is specified according to CGI's cookie constructor. This allows settings like +1h and +7d.
  • user_inactivity_timeout = 86400 * 7
How long to wait in seconds before logging the user out after their last activity.
  • user_session_timeout = undef
How long in seconds the user can stay logged in before they must re-log in. Defaults to never - if you do specify this setting you probably want to reduce user_inactivity_timeout to <1 hour.



$thing = EPrints::DataObj::Access->get_system_field_info

Core fields.

Class Methods


$dataset = EPrints::DataObj::LoginTicket->get_dataset_id

Returns the id of the EPrints::DataSet object to which this record belongs.

Object Methods


Set the session cookies for this login ticket.


Update the login ticket by increasing the expiry time.

The expiry time is increased user_inactivity_timeout or 7 days.


EPrints::DataObj and EPrints::DataSet.


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