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EPrints 3 Reference: Directory Structure - Metadata Fields - Repository Configuration - XML Config Files - XML Export Format - EPrints data structure - Core API - Data Objects


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EPrints::DataObj::EventQueue - scheduler/indexer event queue


  • eventqueueid
Either a UUID or a hash of the event (if created with create_unique).
  • cleanup
If set to true removes this event once it has finished. Defaults to true.
  • priority
The priority for this event.
  • start_time
The event should not be executed before this time.
  • end_time
The event was last touched at this time.
  • status
The status of this event.
  • userid
The user (if any) that was responsible for creating this event.
  • description
A human-readable description of this event (or error).
  • pluginid
The EPrints::Plugin::Event plugin id to call to execute this event.
  • action
The name of the action to execute on the plugin (i.e. method name).
  • params
Parameters to pass to the action (a text serialisation).



$event = EPrints::DataObj::EventQueue->create_unique( $repo, $data [, $dataset ] )

Creates a unique event by setting the eventqueueid to a hash of the pluginid, action and (if given) params.

Returns undef if such an event already exists.


$ok = $event->execute()

Execute the action this event describes.

The return from the EPrints::Plugin::Event plugin action is treated as:

  undef - equivalent to HTTP_OK
  HTTP_OK - action succeeded, event is removed if cleanup is TRUE
  HTTP_RESET_CONTENT - action succeeded, event is set 'waiting'
  HTTP_NOT_FOUND - action failed, event is removed if cleanup is TRUE
  HTTP_LOCKED - action failed, event is re-scheduled for 10 minutes time
  HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR - action failed, event is 'failed' and kept


$event->message( $type, $xhtml )

Utility method to log a message for this event.


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