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EPrints::DataObj::CitationCache - A cached citation for a data object.

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This class describes a single item in the citationcache dataset. A citationcache object describes a formatted citation for a single item in another dataset.

To enable citation caching edit the archive's cfg/cfg.d/citationcaches.pl and change the appropriate line to:

$c->{citation_caching}->{enabled} = 1;

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citationcacheid (int)

The unique numerical ID of this citation cache event.

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datasetid (text)

The name of the dataset to which the item that has a citation cache belongs. "eprint" is used for eprints, rather than the inbox, buffer etc.

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objectid (int)

The numerical ID of the object in the dataset.

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style (text)

The style of citation for a particular item. Each DataObj may have nany different citation styles and defined in citations/<DataObject>

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citation_text (text)

The actually text generated for the citation cache by render_citation.

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timestamp (time)

The moment at which this citation cache was generated.

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$field_info = EPrints::DataObj::CitationCache->get_system_field_info

Return the metadata field configuration for this object.

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$dataset = EPrints::DataObj::CitationCache->get_dataset_id

Returns the id of the EPrints::DataSet object to which this record belongs.

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Commit the formatted text generated for a citationcache

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EPrints::DataObj::CitationCache::create( $session, $data ); 

Create a new citationcache object from supplied $data. Unlike other create methods this one does not return the new object as it's never needed, and would increase the load on modifying items.

Also, this does not queue the fields for indexing.

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$defaults = EPrints::DataObj::CitationCache->get_defaults( $session, $data )

Return default values for this object based on the starting $data.

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$xhtml = $citationcache->render

A citationcache cannot have a rendering of itself.

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$object = $citationcache->get_dataobj

Returns the object to which this citationcache relates.

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