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EPrints 3 Reference: Directory Structure - Metadata Fields - Repository Configuration - XML Config Files - XML Export Format - EPrints data structure - Core API - Data Objects


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EPrints - Institutional Repository software

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 use EPrints qw();
 my $session = EPrints::Session->new( 1, "demoprints" );

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See http://www.eprints.org/.

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Available Symbols

You can pass options to the EPrints package that effect the EPrints initialisation e.g.

 use EPrints qw( no_check_user );

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Do not check the current user/group is the same as the user/group in Systemsettings.

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Debugging Slow Processes

This module installs a signal handler that will print a stack trace if given a USR2 signal (if your system supports this signal). To print a stack trace to the error log execute:

$ kill -USR2 PID

Where PID is the id number of the stalled process.

A shell script will print the stack trace to the console.

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EPrints->abort( $errmsg )

Print an error message and exit. If running under mod_perl then print the error as a webpage and exit.

This subroutine is loaded before other modules so that it may be used to report errors when initialising modules.

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$ep = EPrints->new();

Construct a new EPrints system object.

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$repo = $ep->repository( $repository_id, %options );

Return the repository with the given ID, or undef. Options are... optional.

Options noise=>1, etc.

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$repo = $ep->current_repository( %options );

Return the repository based on the current web request, or undef.

%options as for $ep->repository(..)

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@ids = $eprints->repository_ids

Returns a list of the active repository ids.

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