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<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_name -->=NAME=
'''EPrints''' - EPrints Software
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<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_synopsis -->=SYNOPSIS=
  use EPrints;
  my $session = EPrints::Session-&gt;new( 1, "xxx" );
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<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_description -->=DESCRIPTION=
EPrints is generic repository building software developed by the University of Southampton. It is intended to create a highly configurable web-based repository.
For more information on EPrints see http://www.eprints.org/software/.
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<!-- Pod2Wiki=item_abort -->==abort==
  EPrints::abort( $msg )
Print an error message and exit. If running under mod_perl then print the error as a webpage and exit.
This subroutine is loaded before other modules so that it may be used to report errors when initialising modules.
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<!-- Pod2Wiki=item_deprecated -->==deprecated==
Prints a deprecated warning for the calling sub.
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<!-- Pod2Wiki=item_try -->==try==
  EPrints::try( CODE_REF )
Attempts to call CODE_REF and if an error occurs calls [[#abort|/abort]] with the error message.
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<!-- Pod2Wiki=head_see_also -->=SEE ALSO=
[[API:EPrints/Session|EPrints::Session]], [[API:EPrints/Repository|EPrints::Repository]].
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Copyright 2000-2009 University of Southampton, UK.
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