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EPrints is written in Perl. Sometimes you may need to write your own perl code using the EPrints API.

Reasons to write some EPrints perl code:

  • customising the way the eprints summary pages are rendered
  • writing your own script to control EPrints in some way
  • writing a new CGI script (dynamic web page)
  • writing a plugin

We've broken the API down by subject, rather than by library or object. We hope this will make the reference more useful.

  • Core API
  • DataObjects + metafields
  • session+repository+config(?)
  • Search + List
  • misc(database, time, utils, platform)
  • metadata fields
  • Plugins
    • Screen (screen processor)

More Information

To get more detailed documentation on an eprints module, you can try using perldoc. Many (but not all) of the subroutines are documented inside the code.


perldoc /opt/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/MetaField.pm