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EPrints is written in Perl. Sometimes you may need to write your own perl code using the EPrints API.
Reasons to write some EPrints perl code:
* customising the way the eprints summary pages are rendered
* writing your own script to control EPrints in some way
* writing a new CGI script (dynamic web page)
* writing a plugin
We've broken the API down by subject, rather than by library or object. We hope this will make the reference more useful.
* [[Core API]]
* DataObjects + metafields
* session+repository+config(?)
* Search + List
* misc(database, time, utils, platform)
* metadata fields
* Plugins
** Screen (screen processor)
== More Information ==
To get more detailed documentation on an eprints module, you can try using perldoc. Many (but not all) of the subroutines are documented inside the code.
perldoc /opt/eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints/MetaField.pm

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