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This video explains what the browse views are, how they are defined and how to define new views. It shows best practice ways to modify the default configuration and how to use the command line administration tools to optimise the performance of your server in creating and updating views.

What You Will Learn

  • What a browse view is
  • What are 'menu' and 'list' views
  • How to create a new view
  • How to change the way menu and lists views are rendered
  • How to amend the default configuration without changing the existing config files
  • How to regenerate the views via the admin interface, the command line and via scheduled tasks

What You Should Already Know

  • Familiarity with the EPrints admin interface
  • A basic understanding of PERL and how EPrints uses it
  • Basic idea of how eprints uses configuration files


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The Video can be found at


The Video

Notes, Errata and Additional Information

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  • EPrints 3.3.14

Test Yourself

  • Create a new view to show items by publication in 2 columns
  • Modify this view to show 3 columns
  • Create a render function to add some simple text to the list items
  • Modify the function to add the eprintid field to the list items

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