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Editing the contents of this directory is not recommended. See Read Only Directories.

These are the initial configuration files. They are copied into your repository archive when you create a new Zero EPrints repository, (i.e. one without a specific flavour). If the repository has a flavour, its defaultcfg directory will be copied to your archive's cfg directory instead.

  • eprints3/lib/defaultcfg_zero
    • cfg.d/ - Perl configuration files added to archive's cfg/cfg.d/ on creation.
    • citations/ - Empty by default. May contain data object citation files, added to archive's cfg/citations/ on creation.
    • issues.xml - XML-based checks for issues in eprints.
    • lang/ - Language-specific phrases and static pages, added to cfg/lang/ on creation.
    • namedsets/ - Empty by default. May contain lists of options for namedset fields, added to cfg/namedsets/ on creation.
    • static/ - images, javascript and style files, added to cfg/static/ on creation.
    • subjects - Default subject tree.
    • workflows/ - Empty by default. May contain data object workflow files, added to archive's cfg/workflows/ on creation.