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EPrints 3 Reference: Directory Structure - Metadata Fields - Repository Configuration - XML Config Files - XML Export Format - EPrints data structure - Core API - Data Objects

These are the citation configuration files which describe how to render EPrint Objects in various ways.

  • eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/citations/eprint
    • brief.xml - Just shows the title, or failing that the type and eprintid.
    • default.xml - This is the main file. It describes how to properly cite eprint object. Eg. creators, title (year) publisher. etc.
    • result.xml - This is a search result row. It uses the default.xml citation style but adds the result number and a link to the documents.
    • screen.xml - This is the title of all EPrint Object related screens. By default, it's the same as brief.xml
    • summary_page.xml - This is the citation file for the full abstract/summary page for an EPrint.
    • thread_commentary.xml - How to describe this item in a thread of EPrint Objects which comment one upon the other.
    • thread_succeeds.xml - How to describe an EPrint Object when showing the tree of what succeeds what.