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Web services are under development and will not be part of the next release, but will be made available as a seperate download soon after.

There are security and reliability issues to address.


Note that things which are "int" inside eprints, such as eprintid's are "xsd:string" here. EPrints will check the data, rather than leaving it to the SOAP level. Also xsd:int can't be null.

There is no standard error responses yet.


xsd:string return = echo( xsd:string inputString, xsd:int stringDuplicationCount )

Returns the inputString repeated stringDuplicationCount times. This method is provided as a hello world style function to check the basics are working.


removeEprint( xsd:string eprintID )

remove the named eprint.


pm:Eprint eprint = getEprintFiles( xsd:string eprintID )

Return an eprint object including the files base64 encoded.


pm:Eprint eprint = getEprint( xsd:string eprintID )

Return an eprint object, but not the full data of the files.


putEprint( pm:Eprint eprint )

Upload a new EPrint including documents and files.


modifyEprint( xsd:string eprintID, pm:Eprint eprint )

Modify eprint record "eprintID". The eprint object should only contain fields which should be changed. Other fields will be left alone. This will not modify documents or files.


xsd:documentID = addDocument( xsd:string eprintID, pm:Document document )

Add this document to the eprint number eprintID. The document can include base64 encoded files.


modifyDocument( xsd:string documentID, pm:Document document )

Modify the metadata of the named document. Fields not mentioned in the document object passed in, will not be modified. Does not affect files.


removeDocument( xsd:string documentID )

Remove the named document from it's parent EPrint, erase any files attached to it.


addFile( xsd:string documentID, xsd:string filename, xsd:base64Binary data )

Add a file named 'filename' to the indicated document.


removeFile( xsd:string documentID, xsd:string filename )

Remove the file named 'filename' from the indicated document.


pm:ListEprint results = searchEprint( pm:ListParam params, pm:ListSearchField searchFields )

Create and execute an EPrints Search.