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This page is to list the entire of the EPrints assets. Chris and I perfomed an audit of all the assets we thought EPrints has some control over. If you can think of things we've missed pleased add them. The grouping was done in a very ad-hoc way move things to different/new groups depending on how you think they fit. if you wish to discuss this then probably the easist way is on EP-local rather than the wiki discussion page

This is followed by a list of assets we may like to have in the future.

The web site eprints.org

  • website->services page
  • website->software page
  • website->news feed
  • website->open access->Harnad blog
  • website->open access->ROARMAP
  • website->open access->community blog
  • website->open access->Bibliography

The Wiki

  • Some information about the API
  • Some "How To"s
  • information about configuring the repository
  • Installation instructions
  • EP3 general information
  • EP2 documentation and information


  • has its own wiki
  • search
  • perldoc
  • bug tickets
  • the road map

Mailing lists

  • EP-Anounce
  • EP-local
  • EP-Tech
  • EP-Tech->archive
  • EP-devel
  • EP-devel->archive
  • EP-underground
  • EP-changes
  • BOAI-Forum
  • BOAI-Forum->archive


  • files.eprints.org
  • demoprints.eprints.org
  • exemplar.eprints.org
  • EPrints cloud
  • ROAR
  • CiteBase
  • Romeo


  • pod in the code
  • Reports and Papers written about eprints
  • Contribution policy
  • Documentation standard
  • coding standard (might not be explicitly written down)


  • The eprints source
  • Debs
  • RPMs
  • liveCD
  • SVN
  • SVN web interface
  • IRStats

Other Stuff

  • EPrints Services
  • ELDAP list
  • EPrints marketing bobbins (pens, post-its, pads etc)
  • training materials
  • 2 Webscience PhD students
  • #EP3 hash tag
  • Facebook
  • EP2->EP3 migration toolkit
  • EPrints training days
  • RepoMan Blog
  • IRC channel
  • EPrints team event attendance
  • Dev team list
  • the contributors list (you get props for getting on this)
  • OhLoh "EPrints"

Possible Future Assets

  • A crowd vine site
  • Wiki Reuse Rights policy
  • Wiki use and ettiquette policy
  • a repository of projects which have/are/will develop things for eprints and who works on them
  • Some way of making/policy on feature requests
  • a full list of features - possibly dynamic from files.eprints
  • a repository for the user tutorials, training materials and the like that the community and contribute to.
  • give users a way to feedback on the contents of files.eprints


OK. Chris here posting as WikiSysop as I can't remember the other passwords.

I think maybe the next step is to work out the audience for the resources.

Quick brainstorm of types of user:

  • Reporters/Media
  • IR/Open Access Community
  • People managing EPrints installs
  • People sysproging EPrints
  • People developing for EPrints
  • Researchers (using tools like cogprints maybe our ROMEO, but not specifically concerned about IR or OA themselves)
  • Potential Users of EPrints
  • Potential Customers of EPrints Services
  • Existing Customers of EPrints Services
  • Potential training course attendees
  • People at/coming to a training course

Also odds and ends like funders, but they are going to be reviewing what we provide for the other audiences rather than being an audience themselves.

I suggest for the purposes of keeping things manageable, we only aim to refactor sites related to:

  • People managing EPrints installs
  • People sysproging EPrints
  • People developing for EPrints