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This page is to list the entire of the EPrints assets. Chris and I perfomed an audit of all the assets we thought EPrints has some control over. If you can think of things we've missed pleased add them.

This is followed by a list of assets we may like to have in the future.

The web site eprints.org

website->services page website->software page website->news feed website->open access->Harnad blog website->open access->ROARMAP website->open access->community blog website->open access->Bibliography

The Wiki

Some information about the API Some "How To"s information about configuring the repository Installation instructions EP3 general information EP2 documentation and information


has its own wiki search perldoc bug tickets the road map

Mailing lists

EP-Anounce EP-local EP-Tech EP-Tech->archive EP-devel EP-devel->archive EP-underground EP-changes BOAI-Forum BOAI-Forum->mailing list


files.eprints.org demoprints.eprints.org EPrints cloud ROAR CiteBase Romeo


pod in the code Reports and Papers written about eprints Contribution policy Documentation standard coding standard (might not be explicitly written down)


The eprints source The Debs The RPMs The liveCD SVN SVN web interface IRStats

Other Stuff

EPrints Services ELDAP list EPrints marketing bobbins (pens, post-its, pads etc) training materials 2 Webscience PhD students

  1. EP3 hash tag

Facebook EP2->EP3 migration toolkit EPrints training days RepoMan Blog IRC channel EPrints team event attendance Dev team list the contributors list (you get props for getting on this)