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'''Welcome to the EPrints Wiki'''

This wiki contains technical and user-contributed documentation for the [[Introduction|EPrints software]].

[ Demoprints] is our live, online server that allows anyone to try EPrints without having to install it first.

For more information on the EPrints project and related activities visit

==New to EPrints?==

On this wiki you can find:

* [[:Category:Training Video|Video Training Course]]
* [[EPrints_Manual|Documentation]] 
* [[Working Groups]]
* Mailing lists - There are two mail lists that you might like to join and where you can ask for help and share ideas:
**  '''The EPrints Technical Mailing List''' 
*** Joining information for [[Contact| EPrints Tech list]]
*** If you have technical questions, or a part of your EPrints installation is not working properly, this group has people who might be able to help!
** '''The EPrints User Group Google Group'''!forum/eprints-uk-user-group
*** This group is for anyone involved in using EPrints.  Ask questions, share ideas, hear about forthcoming meetings.
* How to [[Wiki_editing_guidlines|contribute to the EPrints wiki]]
* EPrints source code on GitHub:
** Core and major plugins -
** Community code sharing - and the repositories at

== Download EPrints ==



* [[:Category:Installation|Installing]] EPrints on various platforms

==Getting Started==

* [[EPrints Manual|EPrints 3 Documentation]]
* [[Perl 101 for EPrints]]
* [ Training materials] provided by EPrints Services.
* [[Frequently Asked Questions]]
* [[:Category:Howto|How to...]]
* [[:Category:Plugins|Plugins and Bazaar packages for EPrints]]
* [[:Category:Training Video|EPrints Training Course]]

==Getting Support==

* [ EPrints Services] - premium support, training and hosting from EPrints experts
* [[Contact]] - mailing lists, bug reports etc.
* [[User group meetings]] - regional meetings for users, which often have notes, presentations and information of general interest

==Add-ons, patches and translations==

* As of version 3.3 EPrints can now install plugins and translations through the [ EPrints Bazaar] the wiki also has information about [[:Category:EPrints Bazaar|packaging plugins for the Bazaar]].
* The [ EPrints Files Repository] contains add-on and 3rd party scripts, patches and translations. This also provides an archive of all previous EPrints releases (3.0 onwards).
* [[:Category:Plugins|Plugins]]: Some Wiki pages about scripts and patches.


==Contributing to EPrints==

* [[Usability|EPrints usability]]
* [[:Category:Releases|New features in EPrints]] - released and proposed
* [[How to contribute|How to contribute to EPrints development]]
* [ EPrints Trac] - access nightly builds, tickets and changes (requires free registration to view source code)
* [[EPrints4 Roadmap]]
* [[EPrints3 Roadmap]] - 2016 Community Roadmap

== Content management ==

* [[Digital preservation]]: managing content for longer-term access and use</rev>