Importing from Endnote

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Steps for Eprints2

Download en2eprints from the eprints files archive

Steps to import from Endnote:

  • In Endnote, ensure ‘Edit > Output Styles > Endnote Export’ is selected
  • 'File > Export' (as text file)
  • You may need to open the file in a text editor and changed the file type. Endnote seems to save the file as UTF-8, which does not appear work with the en2eprints script (save as ANSI, or some other format). Using Textpad and saving it as a ANSI/Unix file seems to work.
  • Copy to eprints server (eg with filezilla)
  • ./en2eprints [user id] < inputfile > outputfile
  • note userid above is not username
  • /opt/eprints/bin/import_eprints <siteid> <dataset> <xmlfilename>