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Submission Buffer page with languages

When an editor goes to the sumisson buffer, he use the cgi 'buffer'. This cgi is in the dir .../cgi/users/staff/

As default the page shows title, submitter and submission date. In multilanguge / multi contry archive it is useful to insert also the languages of full texts.

You need to modified the cgi adding those lines:

       $th = $session->make_element( "th" );
       $th->appendChild( $session->html_phrase( "cgi/users/buffer:languages" ) );
       $tr->appendChild( $th );
       #TJL Here I do the work to show the language in the page
       my @documents = $e->get_all_documents();
       my @lang = ();
       foreach( @documents ){
           push @lang, $_->get_value( "language" );
       my %seen = ();
       @lang = grep { ! $seen{$_} ++ } @lang;
       my $lang =;
       $lang =  join(", ", @lang);
       $td = $session->make_element( "td", class=>"last_col" );
       $tr->appendChild( $td );
       $td->appendChild( $session->make_text($lang) );

In my cgi the first group is the lines 84-84, the second is the lines 123-135 You need to change the vaule of the element about the date of submission from

$td = $session->make_element( "td", class=>"last_col" );


$td = $session->make_element( "td", class=>"middle_col" );

You need also to add the phrase 'cgi/users/buffer:languages' in phrases-<lng>.xml. You can donwload the modified cgi from