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We use it by having a custom html page (not in the eprints pages) that submits directly to a slightly modified eprint creation/submission page perl_lib/EPrints/

Here's the code for the html form:

<form action="http://eprintserver/perl/users/submit" method="GET">
   <input type="TEXT" name="pubmedid" size=10></input>
   <input type="hidden" name="_action_new" value="1"/>
   <BUTTON name="submit" value="submit" type="submit">Submit</BUTTON>

and in the perl_lib/EPrints/, after the new eprint has been created (around line 426), I inserted:

# import from PubMedID here
$self->{pubmedid}=$self->{session}->param( "pubmedid" );
if($self->{pubmedid}) {
   EPrints::Utils::import_pubmed($self->{eprint}, $self->{pubmedid});

Note that the import_pubmed code was originally missing some helper functions. This has been fixed.